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At Tinker House Events, we believe that collaboration and teamwork are the keys to a successful event. That’s why we have established strong partnerships with exceptional vendors who share our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Whether you prefer to work directly with them or entrust us to handle all the vendor arrangements, our network of trusted partners is here to ensure that your event exceeds expectations.

While we have a required list of caterers who have proven their expertise and culinary prowess, we understand that each event is unique and may require additional services beyond catering. That’s why we offer flexibility when it comes to other vendors. If you have a specific vendor in mind, even if they are not on our list, we are more than happy to explore the possibilities and work together to make it happen. Your vision is our priority, and we are committed to bringing it to life.

Tinker House Events Ceremony Setup McNamara Florists

Our partners encompass a wide range of services and specialties, including event planners, decorators, florists, photographers, DJs, and more. With their wealth of experience and creativity, they bring added value and expertise to every event hosted at Tinker House. Whether you are seeking professional guidance in event planning, stunning floral arrangements, captivating photography, or high-energy entertainment, our partners deliver exceptional results.

Whether you choose to work directly with our partners or rely on our comprehensive event planning services, rest assured that your event is in the hands of a capable and dedicated team. We thrive on collaboration, and our partners play a vital role in helping us deliver extraordinary events, tailored to your vision and requirements. Let’s explore the possibilities and make your event an unforgettable occasion!